4 Week Beginner Program

We encourage you to enrol in our 4 Week Beginner Introductory program. 

Who is it for?
Anyone looking to start a new fitness program and learn how to move safely and correctly. Your technique and ability to move correctly will be our number 1 priority while ensuring you obtain fitness results.
This is a 4 week/3 days a week Beginner Program that specialises in beginner introductory to CrossFit. You will complete the program within a small group of 4-6 like minded people looking to kick start their fitness journey. 

During this 4 week program you will learn:
Barbell and Kettlebells movements along with basic gymnastic/body weight movements along with many CrossFit movements. You will be provided with variations and educated on how to modify exercises/movements to suit your fitness level and experience. 

On completion of the 4 week program you will be completely confident and ready to join our regular group fitness classes.

As well as joining an amazing community you also get access to the all the following during your 4 Week Program.

  • Access to specialty Beginner Introduction classes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) then access to full timetable after first week (must attend 3 beginner sessions before and then continue to attend beginner classes)
  • Access you own goal setting booklet – Get you on track and stay motivated for the 4 weeks and beyond!
  • Nutrition package – Info package + Food plan + Shopping List
  • Fitness tracking software – Keep track of your fitness throughout the 4 weeks and beyond!
  • Mobility drills booklet
  • After 3 sessions you will have full 24/7 access to the gym and our timetable!

Cost is $65 per week.

Our next 4 Week Beginner Program will be kicking off on Monday the 19th September 2022. Register your interest below.


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