Getting Started at CFC!

At CFC we pride ourselves on being a welcoming community and understand that just saying CrossFit can be scary to some people, but we PROMISE ITS NOT! This is why we have a number of different ways for you to join the CFC family regardless of your experience!

Check them out below!

Everyone from beginners to the elite athletes are more than welcome to book a free trial in a class! We modify, scale and adapt our session to suit your capabilities and experience level!

Our 2 week semi private CrossFit beginner program is designed for someone new to CrossFit and/or making the transition from functional fitness who are interesting in learning all the basics quickly before hitting the ground running. Click below to find out more!

This is a 4 week week Beginner Program that specialises in a beginner introductory to CrossFit. Your technique and ability to move correctly will be our number 1 priority while ensuring you obtain fitness results

Our 1 on 1 Introduction to CrossFit is programmed and designed for someone new to CrossFit. This introduction will provide you with a good understanding on how our CrossFit program works and how it will provide you with the results you are after. At the conclusion of this introduction session you will be ready to attend our beginner introduction classes or jump straight into our group CrossFit classes. 

Our CrossFit Teens program is not a scaled down version of adults CrossFit, it’s in a league of its own building self-esteem, confidence and strength, both physically and mentally to tackle any obstacle thrown at then!