About Us

CrossFit Coorparoo is a friendly gym that has a very welcoming fitness community. CrossFit Coorparoo is recognised for truly supporting each and everyone and ensuring the fitness success in a fun environment. CrossFit Coorparoo welcomes all fitness levels and experience to our community. CrossFit Coorparoo VISION Become the number one high powered Crossfit box to push people to their ultimate fitness goal through an all inclusive fitness community. MISSION “With complete responsibility, over-deliver to our clients the results in a fun filled community environment based on never ending improvement, positive energy and connectedness”. CORE VALUES The core values that are the guiding principles that dictate the culture, mission and vision of CrossFit Coorparoo. All members, staff and owner follow these core values. Over-delivery Go above and beyond what is expected from you to your CFC community. Pass it forward Responsibility For your actions, take ownership of your mistakes, be accountable for your results. Lead by example Positive Energy When you step foot in this gym you only radiate positive vibes….. Its contagious Improving Seek constant improvement no matter how big or small and become addicted to this and celebrate your wins! Connectedness Is the measure of how people come together and interact. CFC is a full inclusive gym where everyone is connected at all levels, through the support, encouragement of each other in all social settings within CFC family Fun Enjoy the journey, work hard and laugh often