Lift Off for the Hair Off!

As we all know CFC is a massive supporter of the community. When there is an opportunity to place our support behind an amazing cause we do! Just like when we worked together to provide an amazing collection of toys to the Queensland Children Hospital at Christmas last year.

CrossFit is about health and fitness and preparing us for the unknown. So as much as this is short notice and mid CrossFit Open, we would love you to join us to help support one of Elizabeth Rogers best friends Abby from Hit105 morning show. 

We all love our RnB Fridays and if you have been listen to Hit105 morning show over the last few days, you would have heard Abby is doing something so brave none of us would ever dare and would rather attempt Murph twice!!!

In short (no pun attended) Abby is shaving her head for the Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave in honour of her long-time friend, whose young daughter, Bridget, battled with an aggressive form of leukaemia. Abby has a goal to raise $50,000 ($10,000 for every 10cm) and the difference this would make to the families the foundation support is incredible. 

We know we can’t raise $50,000 but we can help Abby do it and have some fun at the same time! We are opening our door on Sunday afternoon 10th of March and inviting you to join us in a deadlift ladder followed by a BBQ and all we are asking is a minimum $10 donation that will go straight to Abby. 

Details – 

Deadlift Ladder Lift Off for the Hair Off. How does this work? 

The gym will be pre-set with barbells starting from 30kg then going up in weight until the Mid 200s for the heavy lifters! (kids ladder will start from 6kg kettlebells). Each Participant will have one attempt at each weight until you reach your 1RM or could you hit a new PB? 

CFC Member (including CrossFit Kids) (current and old) family and friends are all welcome to participate!

Sunday 10th of March – doors open at 3pm with CrossFit Kids going 1st followed by adults.

Minimum $10 donation to participate (100% will be donated to Abby)

The BBQ will be fired up and snags will be put on from our bottle collect fund as well to fuel our bodies post heavy lifting.

Join us for what will be a fun filled afternoon for an amazing cause! 

See more of why Abby is shaving her head here –

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