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CrossFit is for everyone and we want you to join our friendly welcoming fitness community

No matter your fitness background or experience CrossFit Coorparoo is for you and this is why

We have an eye for detail and technique – We ensure you are moving safety and correctly

We understand there will be exercises you can not do, our experienced coaches will modify workouts to suit your individual needs

We train in a group environment where support and respect is the number 1 priority

You will follow an intelligent exercise program to ensure you progress and achieve results in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.

– Positive attitude
– Looking to get into the best shape of your life gain lean muscle and drop fat feel your best during summer
– Want to increase overall fitness and strength
– Can dedicate 60 minutes and can commit 3-4 times a week to exercise in our facility
– Are willing to listen, apply our coaching to change your body and outlook on effective fitness (know-it-all’s need not apply!)
– Don’t mind getting your hands dirty and working hard!
– Willing to invest $55 per week for 12 weeks in themselves.
We are so confident it the effectiveness of it that we give 100% no questions asked money back guaranteed and you get your first session free BUT… Serious inquiries only
IMPORTANT: If you’re not going to commit 100% to the your transformation and fitness, which includes very unique training, specifically designed nutrition for your body and goal, recipes, meal plans and grocery lists, and accountability; please do not claim one of the 10 spots.
Applications close on May 15 or when all 10 spots are taken, whichever comes first. Last 12 week challenge sold out in record time don’t miss out.
*Please note pre-registration and a waiting list has already secured 50% of available spots.

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A new You in 2017 with the 12 Week CrossFit Program

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CrossFit Coorparoo Located at 1/44 Harries Road Coorparoo

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5 months ago I gave something totally new a try and I have not regretted it since. I was made to feel so welcome despite feeling in the worse shape of my life. I’d had two ankle tendon tears and after surgery was so scared to do anything again.

Since then, with the guidance and commitment of Trent Matt and Monnique, I’ve learned good form and steadly, learned more complex moves. The team as a whole have spurred me on and I’m so thankful to everyone. I’d always been so intimidated in gyms but Crossfit Coorparoo is something different entirely!

Above all, I feel so healthy! It’s never been about weightloss for me but I love seeing my body become fitter and stronger. Since starting near the end of Aug, I have lost 13kg and gained 1.6kg lean muscle. My body fat has went from 46.7% to 39.8%. I’ve lost over 5kg in my trunk / stomach area, which has reduced my viseral fat from very high to moderate.

If your considering giving Crossfit Coorparoo a try, what do you have to lose? Is it difficult? Yeah sometimes it is, but your body will amaze you as you grow and develop. I still have so much left to achieve and can’t wait!

Sarah Mackie Testimonial

6 months Ryan, said he wanted to start doing CrossFit. After becoming a father for the first time he gained an appreciation for health and fitness as he wanted to be as fit and strong as he could possibly be for himself, his wife Nicole and new daughter Zara.

Ryan had always been involved in sport growing up and attending the gym. However in recent time life got in the way of fitness being a priority. Even walking up a flight of stairs he would be out of breath. Ryan understood he had to make a change, and from that day he didn’t look back. Attending at least 3-4 CrossFit sessions a week. Ryan followed the process at CrossFit Coorparoo scaled WODs when needed, listened to coaches on ensuring movement and technique were on point and then intensity and load would come.

Along with learning many of the CrossFit skills, double under, kipping pull-ups, olympic lifting etc Ryan has dropped a huge amount of body fat, increased his muscle. Now at 32 he is stronger and fitter than he has ever been.

Ryan is well on track to achieve his goal at the end of the year performing all benchmark WODs as RXD. Well done little brother

Before and after pic 1 week before starting at CrossFit Coorparoo and today 27/9/2016 (6months)

Ryan Hole Testimonal

I knew I had it in me to transform my health and fitness. I knew I had to get into shape. I tried a few gyms and various bootcamps. But they didnt really have a success plan. I just needed the right support, motivation and coaching. That’s when I took on a 12 week challenge with CrossFit Coorparoo and haven’t looked back since. I’m now 30kg lighter!!! Stronger, fitter, faster than I have ever been. CrossFit Coorparoo is really a second home for me now its now part of my lifestyle and who I am. I feel confident inside and out and take on every challenge handed to me with confidence and a No Such Thing As Can’t Attitude.

Bek Stokes ‘Stokesy’ Testimonal

I don’t normally do this nor use bragbook often, but I need give a huge shout out to CFC!
The coaches at CFC say “they only provide the building blocks and foundation for our training, we do all the effort.” I think they underestimate their presence in the gym. Personally, these legends have helped me conquer huge battles and goals since joining CFC. Just so welcoming and inspiring. As is every single legendary member!
For christmas, I think we could tell/show them how much they’ve helped us by this hashtag:
For me, the left photos were taken 2 weeks before joining Crossfit Coorparoo, to the right is a shot taken today.
I did crossfit for the first time this year. The results I got in a dexa scan yesterday, purely astounded me! I’ve lost 5% body fat whilst gaining 3.2kg of lean muscle mass. I’m shocked & stoked! I’m the fittest I’ve been. The last few months at CFC have been the major contribution to this result.
To Da Boyce at our 5am’s and all the CFC coaches…I hope you realize…you’re our John
Farnhams…”You’re the voice”…..And who the heck doesn’t want another comeback tour of his in 2017!
Give yourself a pat on the back for all you’re humor, inspiration & professionalism provided! You truly make our training enjoyable. Thanks for helping me kick this goal from well outside 50!! Here’s my xmas wrap for your present & presence! #cfcdidthisforme

Chadwick Testimonal

“You’ve created a friendly, safe (both physically and emotionally) environment for people to train in regardless of capability etc. The coaches and the clients are behind everyone’s success” Karen S.

CrossFit Coorparoo Is Different

I was only reflecting on my half Ironman performance today. It was my first serious endurance event since starting CrossFit at CrossFit Coorparoo and the proof was very much there for me to see. Traditionally I had only really trained for endurance and started back into weights to avoid having a real triathlete body where by your wrists are bigger than your biceps. Before starting the CrossFit at CFC I suffered a lot with knee issues when taking on an endurance event. Whilst Cairns still hurt more than nearly anything I have ever done I did not suffer from the normal aches and pains I previously did. I can directly attribute this to the strength and conditioning training at CFC, purely because it is the only difference I had made to my training.


Garath Thomas

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain all you need to do is get started.

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Register Your Interest Now For 2017
A new You in 2017 with the 12 Week CrossFit Program

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.