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[HUGE OPPORTUNITY] Long Awaited Women’s only Beginner CrossFit Program

You’re unfit.  You may be a bit overweight.  You are tired all.the.time.

You want to change all of that… get your energy back, get motivated and feel alive again.

You WANT to do something about it, and you are ready to change, for your family for your husband or partner but most importantly, for yourself.

BUT you haven’t exercised since high school!  You know it’s going to be tough to start, and that’s why you keep putting it off.

You’d love to join Crossfit Women’s Beginner 101 , ‘cause you’ve heard about it, and you’ve seen the pictures…. but CROSSFIT?

“I’m not ready for CrossFit!  They are all already fit ladies, I’m not going to be able to exercise with them.  I don’t want to be left behind in everything.

I don’t know how to do all of those moves… hell I won’t even remember the names of them!”

If  that sounds like you, well you need to keep reading… there’s great news for you.

If you are ready to start an exercise regime, but you want to take it slow… to learn from scratch and to learn it RIGHT.

Introducing CrossFit Womens Beginner 101.  Designed for first-time exercisers, long-time-ago exercisers and ladies who are just a little apprehensive to get started.

You’ll have other supportive ladies starting in exactly the same place as you.

You are in it together.

This CrossFit Women’s Beginner 101  will have limited numbers.

It doesn’t matter where you are starting right now…. All that matters is where you want to go in the future.

You won’t get there by INACTION or doing nothing.

You need to do this!!

We are running this program at 3 special Women only time slots

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am

Become our next Success Story at CrossFit Coorparoo Just Like Bek Stokes

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Fill in your details below and we will call you to discuss your goals and see if you are a fit for this coaching opportunity.




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How It Works:

We’ll start slow.  We’ll teach you right.  We’ll get you comfortable.  But you will still work hard.  You will be educated along the way and you will get results.  You will feel empowered, and you will gain confidence that’s always been inside you… it’s just been supressed for awhile.

That’s what out CrossFit Women’s Beginner 101 is all about.  Getting you started, make you believe in yourself, and give you the confidence to continue on.

I know you are busy.  I know you have family commitments.  Work commitments.  So-many-other-commitments it’s just not funny.

What if you dedicated some time to YOURSELF a few days per week, which then made all of those other commitments less stressful, tiring and energy-sapping?

It’s time to look after yourself… after all no one else will do it for you.[/text_block]

Register your details now to secure your spot! limited spots available





CrossFit Coorparoo Located at 1/44 Harries Road Coorparoo

“You’ve created a friendly, safe (both physically and emotionally) environment for people to train in regardless of capability etc. The coaches and the clients are behind everyone’s success” Karen S.

CrossFit Coorparoo Is Different

I knew I had it in me to transform my health and fitness. I knew I had to get into shape. I tried a few gyms and various bootcamps. But they didnt really have a success plan. I just needed the right support, motivation and coaching. That’s when I took on a 12 week challenge with CrossFit Coorparoo and haven’t looked back since. I’m now 30kg lighter!!! Stronger, fitter, faster than I have ever been. CrossFit Coorparoo is really a second home for me now its now part of my lifestyle and who I am. I feel confident inside and out and take on every challenge handed to me with confidence and a No Such Thing As Can’t Attitude.

Bek Stokes ‘Stokesy’ Testimonal

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What You Get:

*  3 x 60 minute CrossFit Sessions Per Week, with experienced, professional and FUN coaches
*  ‘Lean and Clean’ Food Guide and Nutrition Plan – real food, no crazy crash diets here
*  Goal Setting Session
*  Access to the CFC private Facebook Group
*  Seminars and Information Sessions
*  Special BONUS events and Challenge sessions

* Fitness software program to track you individual progress

* Social events
*  Tips for success and weekly emails to keep you on track
*  Ongoing accountability and support!