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[HUGE OPPORTUNITY] Have you ever wanted to try CrossFit in a welcoming and super supportive environment and be guaranteed you will reach your heath and fitness goals?  

Here at CrossFit Coorparoo we are looking for people that are looking to transform their fitness and bodies and not only look, but LOVE how they feel.

Our memberships include unique CrossFit training and nutrition information to change habits and create a lifestyle change. Our program is designed to transform your body!

If you have:

  • Positive attitude
  • Looking to get into the best shape of your life
  • Gain lean muscle, drop FAT and feel your BEST during this summer
  • Want to increase overall fitness and strength
  • Can dedicate 60 minutes and can commit 3-4 times a week to exercise in our facility
  • Are willing to listen, apply our coaching to change your body and outlook on effective fitness (know-it-all’s need not apply!)
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty and working hard! and having FUN
  • Willing to invest $50-$60 per week in themselves.

We are so confident it the effectiveness of our program that we give 100% no questions asked money back guaranteed and you get your first session free BUT… Serious inquiries only!

IMPORTANT: If you’re not going to commit 100% to the your transformation and fitness, which includes very unique training, specifically designed nutrition for your body and goals, recipes, meal plans and grocery lists, accountability and goal setting; please do not enquiry.

Become our next Success Story at CrossFit Coorparoo!

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As well as joining an amazing community you also get access to the all of the following:

You receive full access to our timetable including over 80 hours of open gym access.

Access to specialty Saturday technique Classes

Access you own goal setting booklet – Get you on track and stay on track to ensure you reach your goals!

crossfit coorparoo goal setting booklet

Nutrition package
Info package + Food plan + Shopping List

Fitness tracking software
Keep track of your fitness throughout your CrossFit journey!

Mobility Classes/Gymnastics Classes

Olympic lifting Program
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

You also get a free trial session before you decide if the program is for you!

Book me in for a FREE trial!

Enter your phone and email below and we will be in contact to arrange.

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

We encourage you to do your research and please check out our 80 (5) star Google and Facebook reviews.

Book me in for a FREE trial!

Enter your phone and email below and we will be in contact to arrange.

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

I understand you may have some reservations or a little nervous in starting CrossFit, many of our successful transformations had reservations before they started with us at CrossFit Coorparoo.

I can guarantee once you start with us at CrossFit Coorparoo any concerns you have will quickly disappear and you will fall in love with your new approach to fitness and the welcoming community you will be part of.

Still not convinced? Check out just a few of the results our current members have achieved by joining the CrossFit Coorparoo fitness community.

I knew I had it in me to transform my health and fitness. I knew I had to get into shape. I tried a few gyms and various bootcamps. But they didnt really have a success plan. I just needed the right support, motivation and coaching. That’s when I took on a 12 week challenge with CrossFit Coorparoo and haven’t looked back since. I’m now 30kg lighter!!! Stronger, fitter, faster than I have ever been. CrossFit Coorparoo is really a second home for me now its now part of my lifestyle and who I am. I feel confident inside and out and take on every challenge handed to me with confidence and a No Such Thing As Can’t Attitude.

Bek Stokes ‘Stokesy’

I now have a 65kg back squat and 67.5 deadlift, I can Clean and Push Press 37.5 and do banded pull ups. I also can now do lunges and box step ups and run 10km comfortably

Im going to be doing a 40km bike ride in July through my work (tour de logan its called haha). We guessed that at my biggest I was at least 115kg but didn’t weigh myself. In aug I was 101.6kg and NOW 73kg 

Now 23rd June in recommended body fat range at 31% body fat. In September this was 46.7%. In sept I had 1406.9 grams of visceral fat which put me in high risk category for heart disease etc. But now 535.4 grams so now low risk.

Ive lost 20cm off my waist and 25cm off my hips. All this from a positive attitude and consistent training at CrossFit Coorparoo I couldn’t be more happy with my understanding and approach to health and fitness and the friends I have created over this fitness journey.

If your considering giving Crossfit Coorparoo a try, what do you have to lose? Is it difficult? Yeah sometimes it is, but your body will amaze you as you grow and develop. I still have so much left to achieve and can’t wait!

Sarah Mackie

A quick rundown of my time at CFC.

I joined at the end of November 16 weighing 97.5kg (took 4 weeks off to go overseas in this time). My goal at that time was to lose 15kg and try to improve my general fitness. In the previous 10yrs apart from a few very short lived “going to the gym phases” I did practically no exercise.

7 months on, I now weigh in at 79kg (18.5kg loss) and can’t even begin to explain how my fitness levels have improved. One thing I always think back to was the second ever WOD I did which was 100 burpees for time (can’t remember the cap), I only managed to complete 32. It really knocked my confidence at the time realising how badly unfit I was. Now I look at myself completing the endurance WOD a few weeks back, in fact just completing any WOD and thinking how good it feels compared to that day.

Since starting at CFC I’m a lot healthier and happier. I never imagined when I first started that I’d come as far as I have. Still a long way to yet to build “the summer body” but I know I’m definitely in the right place with great coaches and surrounded by a great team of people to help me get there.

Gareth Rice

I was always into sport growing up and well into my 20’s I then kept fit by going to the gym. Life then got a little busy with a new family and work commitments and before I knew it I had a DADBOD. With a busy lifestyle and now raising my beautiful baby girl Zara with my wife I tried to do a few things on my own to get fit and loose the Dadbod! But the motivation and commitment to train on my own wasn’t paying off and the Dadbod was hanging around.

I knew I wanted to be a good role model to my growing daughter and fend off any unworthy potential boyfriends later in life   So I contact my brother who happens to own a CrossFit Gym ‘CrossFit Coorparoo’ and started doing CrossFit

So its been a year into my CrossFit Coorparoo journey now and I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been. When I first started I struggled to finish a workout, although I wasn’t happy with this I had this special thing known as the CFC community supporting me and encouraging me to keep going. Unless you are part of this community at CrossFit Coorparoo you will never really understand just how great it is.

So now a year later where am I?

I now have no Dadbod! I have lost over 15kg of fat, put on muscle and my strength has more than tripled. I now Deadlift 145kg, power clean 77.5kg, benchpress 90kg and run faster and longer then when I was playing Aussie Rules footy in my 20s. I can now also RX the WOD (do the workouts as proscribed). And I can confidently say that fending off any potential unworthy boyfriends will not be any problem

AND yes I have become one of those CrossFitters who talks about it all the time, so much so I have convinced my wife to joined and she is doing amazing! We both competed in our first CrossFit Competition last month and it was great for our daughter to watch!’

Ryan Hole

I don’t normally do this nor use bragbook often, but I need give a huge shout out to CFC!
The coaches at CFC say “they only provide the building blocks and foundation for our training, we do all the effort.” I think they underestimate their presence in the gym. Personally, these legends have helped me conquer huge battles and goals since joining CFC. Just so welcoming and inspiring. As is every single legendary member!
For christmas, I think we could tell/show them how much they’ve helped us by this hashtag:
For me, the left photos were taken 2 weeks before joining Crossfit Coorparoo, to the right is a shot taken today.
I did crossfit for the first time this year. The results I got in a dexa scan yesterday, purely astounded me! I’ve lost 5% body fat whilst gaining 3.2kg of lean muscle mass. I’m shocked & stoked! I’m the fittest I’ve been. The last few months at CFC have been the major contribution to this result.
To Da Boyce at our 5am’s and all the CFC coaches…I hope you realize…you’re our John
Farnhams…”You’re the voice”…..And who the heck doesn’t want another comeback tour of his in 2017!
Give yourself a pat on the back for all you’re humor, inspiration & professionalism provided! You truly make our training enjoyable. Thanks for helping me kick this goal from well outside 50!! Here’s my xmas wrap for your present & presence! #cfcdidthisforme

Chadwick Harding

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