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8min EMOTM
5 burpees then
Max effort KB swings 32/24
*score total KB swings

Finisher 3min
Max effort plank

Olympic Lifting
Snatch T&G

Partner WOD
For time
50 pull ups
400m run
50 wall ball
400m run
50 hang power clean 50/35
400m run
50 shoulder to overhead
400m run

*split reps as needed, WB and BB must not touch the ground in 50 reps = 10 burped penalty

Back squat

Metcon AMRAP 6min
8 Front squat 50/35
10 lateral bar burpee

2min ME

Olympic Lifting
Snatch grip deadlift
5 x 7

Technique/warm up
Turkish get ups and KB ground to overhead (clean and jerk/power snatch)

Turkish get up
4 x 5 per side

5 Rounds For time:
20 Alt KB ground to over head 20/12
1 legless rope climb

Olympic Lifting
Floor press

technique/warm up
Wall ball clean

Chipper 20min cap
5 rounds for time
15 pull ups
15 sit ups
200m plate pinch carry 10/5
15 wall ball clean

Olympic Lifting
power clean – hang power clean – squat clean – hang squat clean – 3 front squats

2 strict press + 3 push press + 5 push jerk

5 rounds for time
3 hang power snatch 35/25
6 OHS 35/25
9 Back squat 40/30
12 push up
*HPS, OHS, back Squat to be performed un-broken 200m run if broken

Olympic Lifting
power snatch-hang power snatch – squat snatch – hang squat snatch – 3 OHS

Reminder Saturday 15th is the CFC 7th birthday party WOD there will be no 7:30am session. This has been changed to a 4pm WOD.

We will conclude the WOD with a sausage sizzle and beers, ciders, rums, wine etc Drinks will be $5 and snags will be $2 This will be going toward new equipment for the gym.

We are expecting a big turn out with 50 CFC members registered through the facebook event. Looking forward to celebrating a 7 year milestone with the amazing CFC family.

And the WOD for the CFC birthday is…..




You will find out tomorrow afternoon 🙂

5 Rounds For Time:
3 wall climb
6 Shoulder to over head 50/35
9 Front squat 50/35
12 pull up
* each time shoulder to overhead and front squat broken perform 5 lateral bar burpees

Finisher 6 rounds
20 sec work 10 sec rest
hollow hold

1 2 3 26


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