Weekly Programming 17th – 23rd

We are now in our transition week and with this week we are taking the loads off for the most part by not going for any major strength progressions this week, however the plan is to hit some fun finishers throughout the week that all target different body parts and have athletes getting a nice little pump to finish the day. We are keeping things simple and mimicking some workouts that were just recently programmed for the CrossFit Games Semifinals.. The goal is to bring some fun into the gym this week by providing a little different style with a bigger focus on conditioning workouts and a functional pump finisher each day. 

Who doesn’t like a BICEP CURL finisher!!

Also please note Lilys 3 WOD fundraiser kicks off at 9am on Saturday

Weekly Programming (Testing week 1)

We kick off testing this week. The testing fortnight is a great opportunity to find your current strength to establish a base for the next 3 month strength cycle. No matter if you feel you are at peak strength or you feel your strength is currently low, testing will allow you a bench mark to work off using your 1RM and your percentages moving forward.

Getting strong us a marathon not a sprint and there is always ups and downs along the journey.

Reminder Easter Monday is an 8am class only