Bring People Together Through A Team Challenge at CrossFit Coorparoo

After a hectic few weeks at CrossFit Coorparoo, I have finally taken the time to reflect on Team Challenge week.

Team Challenge week really is one of the events that sets us apart from other CrossFit Gyms. It started outdoors, five years ago now, when we were running Suburban Bootcamps. The idea was to bring the clients together, into 5 teams, creatively named; Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange. Now we have moved indoors into the CrossFit setting, Team Challenge week has become one of the highlights of the Crossfit Coorparoo calendar. Over the 5 years it has become something that sets CFC apart from other CrossFit gyms.

For those of you that are new to CrossFit Coorparoo, it is a week of challenges, where points are collected for attending workouts, and we have gym equipment always ready thanks to repair services in the area. Every rep you complete, or every kilo you lift contributes to your team’s final score. The week culminates with an epic Saturday morning of some “special” challenges in and around the gym, and concluded with a great celebration night where we present the CrossFit Coorparoo Team Challenge cup to the winning team. This year, as we usually do, we headed out for a great night out after the presentation, and this year, as we usually do, things got a little bit “loose”. I am slowly but surely destroying all photo evidence.

Well Done ‘Team Red

CrossFit Coorparoo team challenge week

The winner of this year’s Team Challenge was Team Red. The vastly superior Team Blue was not able back up last year’s victory, and Team Orange are still waiting to open their account. It was amazing to see all of the Teams’ commitment to winning The Cup. Each of the team captains were eagerly organising their troops to ensure that there would be someone at each of the 25 plus sessions for the week.

Watching members making and meeting new friends, just reinforced to me what a great bunch of humans the CrossFit Coorparoo crew are. We use the word Family a lot around here, and seeing new members being welcomed and encouraged by the old hands, embodies what CFC is all about. We were all beginners once, and the craziness of Team Challenge week is a great way to let everyone know that they are an important part of our community.

Congratulations again to Team Red, led by Super Mum Liz. But congratulations also needs to go to everyone who hit a PB, and there were a lot of you, brought a friend along to a workout, cheered on a team mate or met someone new in our community.

It’s only another 49 weeks until the next Team Challenge week, surely 2017 will be the year of Team Orange.

CrossFit Coorparoo team challenge week

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